A Fabulous Fashion Magazine

MFA Master of Fine Arts
History, Fine Arts, Fashion, Film, Other
The Intersection of Fashion & History, Costume Design, Fashion History, Period Accuracy, Costume Research, Making Look Books and Pitch Decks for Film Design, Costume Sketching
Project description

Sianna created a fashion magazine that showcases 10 unique dresses for the following occasions: afternoon tea, summer vacation, Christmas in NYC, a funeral, and prom. The magazine includes a sketch of the dress and pictures of the fabrics used to make it, as well as a list of potential accessories and shoes to go with it. Throughout this experience, Sianna and her mentor primarily worked on sketching and focused on not only how fabric falls on the body, but how different textures look on paper.

A Fabulous Fashion Magazine
Project outcome

Sianna created a fashion magazine with Canva.

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Student background

Sianna is a 15 year-old high schooler from New York City.

Student review

Working with my mentor was an amazing experience. She guided me in many ways and helped transform my project into something I was truly passionate about. Every meeting with her was super productive and she was very knowledgeable about my subject.

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